Tuesday, August 30, 2016

In the beginning... the inside

Not sure the best way to share these, since there are a lot of them.  Here are a few random pictures, and after we finish completely, I'll share each rooms before- during- after progress.

In the beginning... the woods

The woods, as you can see, need some work also.  For the most part, it is gorgeous back in there, but there are a few spots that are trashed.  We are hoping the contractor gets a dumpster and puts up there, so we can use it.  If he doesn't, then we will have to look into renting one in the spring to get all of this cleaned up.

Certainly not pretty, but it is what it is!

In the beginning... the yard

Just a few of the outside view - before we got started on it.  You can see that the yard needs a lot of love, so we are glad that the contractor will be working on the inside, so we can focus on the yard.
Looking towards the road, from the driveway
Wellhouse in the front yard
Looking towards the house, from the driveway
The front flower bed - that the reality company mowers destroyed
At least the roof is new!
North side of the property
From the road looking in
From the northwest corner of the property
Looking towards the backyard
North property line
North property line, from the woods
Partial shed in back/side yard


Monday, August 29, 2016

It took a while...

Four months to be exact... from the first time we looked at the house until the day we closed!  But, it's ours!  Contractor says that remodel should take 4-6 weeks, so we are hoping to be able to move in mid-October!

We are excited to finally call it ours and cannot wait to get started on making it a home for us!